Pick a spot and get ready for the project
--Rapid Prototyping--
May fall!!! Do not touch or go under!!!--the warning sign by Kim
Start building the treehouse foundation
Need a lot of rebars
Tom's little truck helped a ton by carrying 80lbs concrete mix bags
The toy truck is not just for play
Kim mixing the concrete
Laying rocks at the bottom of the post foundation
Tom pouring the mixed concrete
Treehouse posts are up
More brackets
Drilling holes
Frames taking shape
Frames taking shape
Framing prototyping
Need more materials
Need more brackets
Framing the walls and ceilings
Framing and roofing done
Framing and roofing done
Tom and Kim painting the treehouse
A side view
Making the door
The door and staircase
The front view
Build around the tree
The staircase needs railings!
Build the railings
Sand it
Railings done
Kim teaching a class
Looking out through the balcony door
Folding the balcony door
Walk out to the balcony
Access to the tree
View through the bay window and the door